Sunday, March 9, 2014


Registration for Mrs. Mitrani's Summer Art Camp is now open!
Please see the post below for more information.
Email for all registration information.

Hope to see everyone soon!

**Going Into Grades 3-5th:

Morning Session  June 16-20  9:00-noon       Afternoon Session  June 16-20  1:00-4:00pm 

$175  (Supplies and Snacks Included)                            $175  (Supplies and Snacks Included)

Morning and Afternoon Sessions Plus Lunch and Vintage Cartoon 9:00-4:00

$375  (Supplies, Snacks and “Tea Party” Catered Lunches Included) ____________________________________________________________

**Going Into Grades 1-2:

Little Friends Workshop (limit 6) Thursday, June 19th 9:00-noon    

 $45  (Supplies and Snacks Included)

**Going Into Grades 6-8:

TWEEN Art Workshop  June 26-27  9:00-1:00    

 $150  (Supplies, Catered Tea Party Lunches and Last Day Cupcake Party Included

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Summer 2014 Art Camp Update

Happy Early Spring Everyone! Because of the weather make-up day this summer and the Saturday teacher workday, I have changed the dates of my art camp to a week later. The new dates for our "2014 Summer Pajama Party Art Camp" for girls grades 3rd-5th will be June 16-20th.  We will once again have a morning and afternoon session. Girls are welcome to go to both sessions and enjoy a catered "Tea Party Lunch." Each session will feature different activities. Our art camp theme this summer is "Summer Pajama Party!" Although we won't be spending the night, we will be enjoying fun activities such as sewing PJ's, canvas art, jewelry, banners, book making, journals, flower making, and of course lotions and potions that all girls love! I will have a limit of 18 girls per session.

The "Little Friends" workshop (for future 1-2nd graders) will be on Thursday morning, June 19th. This is generally a workshop for art camp little sisters. There will be a limit of 6 girls.

This year's two-day TWEEN workshop for girls going into 6th-8th grade will be June 26-27th. Girls will be making a "smash" style scrapbook to be used throughout the new school year. Techniques will be a bit more advanced.

Please look for more information for all summer arts and crafts fun during the week of Spring Break.

If you are a Galatas Family, please look for my "Mrs. Mitrani's Art Camp Lunchbox of Goodies" in the kids raffle hall during Springetti! It's a decorated old fashioned lunchbox full of materials for a creative weekend of fun!

Artfully yours,
Mendy Mitrani

Friday, June 14, 2013

What a Week!

I can't believe our art week is over! We did SO many different things this week, everything from sewing outfits to making exploding bath salts! We inked, painted, beaded, assembled,!

Today we ended our week-long camp with a day of friendship and sharing. Morning girls worked on lovely beach scenes in a tin. They also made fun unique tag books out of cartoon mermaid fabrics. They were so cute! We enjoyed finishing our "upcycled" jeans. Lastly, we gathered for an autograph and cupcake party!

Afternoon girls enjoyed finishing their beautiful embroidery sampler. They then created a gorgeous terrarium using succulent plants, beach glass glitter, rocks, stones, and of course a little mermaid! We then made heart necklaces for our autographs. We ended our day with cupcakes and "art talk."

Thank you so much for making my week-long art camp a part of your daughter's summer. I hope she learned a lot and had FUN! What an awesome group of girls!

Thanks to our teen helpers again this year, Emily and Grace. You're the BEST!

Please stay tuned for more art workshops on this website.

Artfully yours,








Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday's Art World ROCKS!

Thursday was an excellent art day! We did a lot of painting and assembling mixed media. Morning girls were joined by a few "Little Friends!" We invited several little sisters along, and showed them a few art tricks! We painted and decorated fancy mermaid hair brushes, and then made a starfish keepsake jar! We finished the morning working on our upcycled jeans, adding a stencil here and there.
Afternoon girls were busy with their embroidery hoop sampler and drawings of sea life. We also decorated beautiful personalized mermaid mirrors. The last creation we made today was a one-of-a-kind canvas using fashion magazines! How fun!!



 For those dining with us tomorrow, our menu will be:

Mermaid Pizza Party!!
Assorted Cookies

We will also have our annual Cupcake and Friendship Party for both sessions! See you soon!