Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Late Summer Craft Idea

I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a little "at-home" jewelry project before everyone goes back to Galatas in a few weeks.

School Spirit Beaded Bracelets

Burgundy Colored Beads (glass, plastic, or wooden)
Gray Colored Beads (glass, plastic, or wooden)
Stretchy Beading String
White Plastic Alphabet Beads

Cut two pieces of stretchy string about 7 inches long (child size). Carefully string the burgundy beads and tie three knots at the end. Get ready to make another bracelet using the gray beads. This time, thread the white alphabet letters "G A L A T A S," first, and then thread the gray beads on the ends. Don't forget to knot the ends three times!

Wear your bracelet with your Galatas T-Shirts!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Last Camp Day!!

We spent the entire camp day making darling tags. Each girl created 9 tags using their photo and their name. They then decorated the tags with stickers, foamies, art pens, punches, sequins, etc. We had an ATT (Altered Trading Tags) party and traded tags. Each girl ended up with a ring of each other's tags. I gave the girls my tag too.
It took time making each one of our tags very special. We all shared supplies and listened to KIDS! music.
We had a celebration with cookies and punch!
Our finished Altered Tag Ring Books.
Thank you so much for coming to my Art Camp for Girls! Please keep this blog in your family favorites. I will be putting some fun crafts for the girls to do during the school year.
I had SO much fun teaching the girls this summer.
Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glittery Flower Pens and Jourals

As soon as the glitter came out...everyone cheered! We transformed a plain pen into a glittery floral masterpiece. We even "scented" the flower with Texas Wildflower spray. We learned the term "wall papering," as we covered composition books with scrapbook paper of choice.
My favorite Texas Wildflowers... For intense artwork, a girl needs to be comfy!
Tomorrow is our very special ATT Party. ATT stands for Altered Trading Tags. We will work on 9 tags and then celebrate with cookies and lemonade.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hand Made Jewelry

Our Jewelry day was a big hit! We made adorable domino charms to go on pink ribbon necklaces. We first made a "sample" of our stamp on a card using the special markers. When making the actual charm, we used permanent ink, cool stamps, permanent art pens, and special diamond glaze. We also made some fun name bracelets using sparkly pastel beads. Lastly, we made ourselves into "fairies" in a make-believe far away journey. What fun!!Hands of Friendship...
Showing off today's projects...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Second Day of ART FUN!

Lots of scrapbook smiles today!!

Incredible scrapbooks were created using some really wonderful journaling. I am so proud of the girls! We decorated the covers and put sweet ribbons on the rings. We also had time to make small journals. We concluded our camp day with a scrapbook "share." I loved watching the girls' faces as they described their detailed layouts.

Strawberry punch and candy necklaces for all!

Tomorrow we will be making jewelry. We will also make individual "fairies" of ourselves. Please bring an individual photo in your art tote!

Monday, July 6, 2009

First Day...Session Two

Our first day of camp was so much fun! We decorated our Art Camp Totes with paints and art pens. We made a lovely corsage and learned all about "Spanish Moss." The girls got a kick out of that! The last thing we worked on was a personalized wooden name tag.

Each girl will put her name tag on their work area each day of camp. We learned how to safely use the craft heat gun and hot glue gun. The glitter spray made everyone smile!! Snack time!! Today we had 100% "C" punch and hand fulls of Fruit Loops...
We tried on our corsages before pinning them on our Art Bags.
Here we are with our newly decorated Art Bags!
Please bring Totes each day!
Tomorrow we will be making our scrapbooks. Please bring 5-6 photos!! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Session Two Art Camp!

Hello, and welcome to session two of Mrs. Mitrani's Art Camp for Girls!
Our first session was a big hit. All the girls had a fun time creating fabulous art pieces. We have several returning this session. We will be creating different things than we did the first session.

On Monday we will be decorating our very own art tote bags. Our colors will be pink. We will then make a one-of-a-kind floral corsage to wear or to pin to a pillow, bag, etc. They will be similar to the ones that I made for a large "vintage" corsage class at an art convention this summer. (I just got back! ) We don't need anything from home the first day. I have it all. On Tuesday we will need to bring 5-6 photos. Photos can be of family, friends, vacations, etc.

Do you like my new Mrs. Mitrani Art Camp T-Shirt? I wish I would have thought about it before the first session. Maybe next year we can order some for the girls...they have a soft pink in children's sizes.

I can't wait to see session two girls next Monday, July 6th!

Friday, June 12, 2009

ATC Pink Lemonade and Cookie Party!

Our final day of session one was filled with art and friendship. We spent our time creating 13 Altered Trading Cards (ATCs). Each child had blank cards, photos, and copies of their names. We started our morning putting a photo and a name on each card. We then decorated each card with sequins, cut outs, punches, foam pieces, etc. At the end of our morning, each girl had 13 personal "friendship" cards to hand out.

We celebrated with cookies and pink lemonade.
I handed out one of my cards to start the trading party. Here are the girls' darling ATC cards!
We handed them out one by one!
What a fun week! Thank you for coming to session one!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Collaged Sweethearts

Today's art began with a blank white canvas. We used a mix of artist gesso and vibrant paint to create a springtime background. We added stamps, sequins, and our photos. Lastly, we added some sparkly glitter.

Our second project was a darling "dress" doll. We used a template of a dress form to make a mini dress. We added an apron, buttons, and pockets. They can be hung just about anywhere!

For the final project of the day, we made a foam name plate. We used an assortment of foam flowers and mix and matched alphabet stickers. It was a fun filled morning!
We all love Mrs. Mitrani's pug, Madeline!! She always watches us...
Miss Rayeann helps us out! She's great at finding specific sequins!! My son Max took our photo.

Tomorrow's final art class will include an ATC party! What does ATC stand for? Ask your artist!

Happy Crafting!