Friday, June 15, 2012

Rodeo Queen Friday!

Our week has been full of fabulous projects and new friendships. Today topped the week off with a Rodeo Queen themed party and artfest!

The morning girls made traditional cowgirl sashes with painted names. They made them even more personal by embroidering red "X's" as accents. They also made floating bracelets, glittery flowers to go on cowgirl hats, and Texas sized decorated mums!

The afternoon girls created their special Texas style mums along with stacked flowers for their cowgirl hats. They also made hip beaded choker necklaces!

Each session had a cowgirl themed tea party at the end of their art time. Morning girls enjoyed Rice Crisp Bars with Sprinkles, and afternoon girls had an ice cream sundae.

I'd like to thank my wonderful assistants Emily and Grace. This is their third year to help with my camp. Sweet Rosalyn also came with her sewing machine earlier in the week. She was a great help!

I'm so proud of our Art Camp projects this year. Everyone worked so hard. We stamped, inked, painted, collaged, hand stitched, embroidered, machine stitched, beaded, glittered, gathered, pleated, glued, cut, sketched, and had some really great snacks!

I have enjoyed getting to know all of my girls. They added so much to my summer! Thank you for letting my art camp be a part of your child's vacation.

Please stay tuned for information on other art workshops I will be hosting. I plan on a half day workshop for middle school aged girls. I also will be having my second annual winter workshop in December.

Artfully Yours!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thrilling Thursday's Events!

Please check out the entry below showing Wednesday's photos!

Thurday was our painting day! We used beautiful pastel iridescent colors to create our projects.

The morning girls made heart pillow hangers using muslin hearts, paint, and old fashioned carbon paper.  We stuffed our pillows and picked out the cutest trim to accent our pillows.

The afternoon girls also used carbon paper, along with old recycled book pages, phone book pages, paint, and sequins. We created lovely mixed media collages.

GREAT fun!

Tomorrow will be the end of our art adventure 2012. How time flies!!
Please have your girls wear something western. We will be celebrating Rodeo Queens with lots of girlie western projects! We will also be celebrating our week of art and friendship with an AM and PM party!

Menu for those staying for lunch:

Rodeo Corn Doggies
Chips and Chile Con Queso
Strawberry Lemonade
Rodeo Queen Mini Cakes

Wednesday Take Two

Let's just take Wednesday and re-live it's glory! I'm happy to say the photos of our fun day came out! Yay!

Morning Session Girls created art journals, hair accessories, and hip swing bags...

Afternoon girls wore their "Spoon" pendants, showed off their darling "Fairy Pots,"
and of course demonstrated how to apply their scented salt scrub mixture!

Hurray for Wednesday...Part II!